New business,Avant-Garde, will do Marketing/Advertising

In these uncertain times, don’t be uncertain about your online presence. Now more then ever people are shopping from home. Have you found a way to convert your small business into an online business? Avant-Garde is a new business in Rooks County that can help your business be open to all opportunities. Owner Bee Reif  has years of experience working in the digital field and can help with everything from online sales to website development. 

Are people able to find you when they search certain criteria? Is your website optimized and capable of taking on your inventory to be sold digitally? Let Bee help you navigate these uncertain times, and in the process keep you rolling with or without a brick and mortar store front.

Avant-Garde can break it down in easy to understand terms. They will make sure that you are listed accurately and consistently across the web. One mistake in any listing can significantly reduce your online visibility with the biggest names on the web, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Even if your business is currently paying for advertising on any platform such as Google, they can optimize your business to come up as a relevant business without the costly advertising. Get with Bee today so she can run a report and see what needs to be done to boost your online visibility. 

Bee can be reached at 785-312-2038 or by email at