Micro loan helps Lark Works get off the ground

Lark Works is one of Stockton’s newest businesses, and probably one that no one even knew about.  Unless you happen to own a Studebaker.

Donald_EricksonLark Works is a small business that sells Studebaker wiring harnesses, which is basically the electrical brain of the vehicles.  The later model Studebaker wiring harnesses are wrapped in vinyl tape to hold the wires together, whereas the older harnesses are held together with cloth material that is braided over the wire bundle using an industrial machine.  Lark Works owner Donald Erickson knew he needed a braiding machine to eliminate out-sourcing the braiding service to a company in Michigan.  Enter the Rooks County Economic Development Micro Loan program.

Lark Works successfully secured the loan with the help of director Roger Hrabe.  A refurbished pre-1970 braiding machine (pictured) was purchased in January 2013 from a company in New York State.  Braiding machines are commonly used in the textile industry on the east coast.  It’s safe to say there are not many of those machines in the Midwest, except for Stockton, Kansas!

Donald and wife Chelsea will be promoting their wiring harness business and new braiding service at the next Studebaker Driver’s Club international meet in Colorado Springs in July where thousands of Studebaker owners congregate for an entire week.  Last year the meet was in South Bend, Indiana, where over 400 Studebaker vehicles were displayed for the public to enjoy.

The business is currently being operated out of their home, but will be moving to a larger facility in the near future.