January 10


January 10, 2023

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met with the following present:  Chairman, John Ruder, and Members, Tim Berland and Kayla Hilbrink. Laura Montgomery, County Clerk, was present to record the minutes.  Virgie Laska was present to write a report for Stockton Sentinel. Ruder called the meeting to order and asked all to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Kim Northup was added to the agenda at 10:30. The agenda was accepted.

Chuck Comeau and Quentin Meyers were in to visit with the Commissioners about funding for Red Bud Village. Given how far they have come with Red Bud, from losing money last year to almost breaking even in a year’s time. The reason it isn’t making money is because of the building upkeep; such as water lines and replacing the roof. Last year there was $220,000 in building repairs and maintenance. The County has paid $325,000 and Plainville City has paid $375,000, some of which is reimbursable back to the county and city. Census in the facility is at maximum of 35 people.  The cost to close the facility will fall back onto the county because there is no one else to pay. The City of Plainville is ready and willing to take over.  It is more cost effective to continue moving forward with the plan to build a new facility.

The facility needs $250,000 in 2023.  The van to take residence to doctor appointments needs to be replaced. It will cost $90,000. They are done with using the agency. Most of the money was used to pay past due payables.  There has been training and it will continue. The new facility will be more like a home instead of like an institution. The City of Plainville and the Plainville Community Foundation will match what the county pays.

They are asking for $75,000 addition money to operate until the end of 2023. Berland asked how much debt the facility has. Comeau replied they no longer have any debt; it has been all cleared up.  The assisted living is self-pay. The new facility will have 30 beds and a new memory care unit with 16 beds. It will have more than 60 rooms. After the new facility is completed, the revenue will cover the cost to operate. There is a waiting list for senior care. To make money or break even the facility needs to be 90% full.

Meyers said they are looking at what the future will looks like for the facility. Once the engineering and architecture is completed, USDA will fund loan in the amount of $11 million. Berland asked about the term of the loan. Comeau said it is 40 years at 3 1/2 interest.  Hilbrink would like to see the feasibility study and the market study.  Randy Hrabe, with NWKSP & D said the commissioners can use ARPA Funds as loss revenue to fund the facility. Hilbrink wants to see the financial statements for the last couple of years and the budget- projected-feasibility reports.

Mike Klein, Weed Director, was in to have the commissioner sign the State Highway Contract. He did increase the fees by $2.00. He said now is a good time for them to down all of the weeds at the golf course. Klein needs to get another pick up. He wants a Ύ ton, 4×4 with four doors.  Ruder told Klein to look at purchasing a new-used truck with 75 thousand miles or less. Ruder made a motion to sign the State Contract with Noxious Weed. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Rich Bouchey, Road Supervisor, was in for his weekly report. He presented the Sanitation and Road monthly reports for December.

Ruder made a motion to endorse the landfill check in the amount of $22,190.00. Hilbrink second the motion and Berland agreed.

The commissioners accepted the fuel bid from Farmer Union: diesel at 3.9644 per gallon and unleaded at 2.5398 per gallon.

The road crews are working 10 Road and M Road. Bouchey and the commissioners discussed personnel and road concerns. The water truck is being used on the road south of Zurich (10 Rd).  

They explained to Hilbrink that the county has two vacuum water trucks.

Ruder asked Bouchey what avenues do we have to move forward to hire someone. Bouchey had someone who might be interested in working part-time until spring. Needs to be 21 and have a CDL to be a full-time employee. If someone applies without a CDL then the county will help them get one.  Discuss the process of getting a CDL. Bouchey said he has been advertising help wanted and he would hire a woman.

Ruder asked about the landfill. Bouchey said the prisoners haven’t been out to pick up trash.  The landfill supervisor, Knoll, is the one to call and request them to come out to pick up trash.

Bouchey will be in Salina on Thursday and Friday for a conference. There are currently 22 employees in the road department, this includes two at the landfill and Sadie Look and himself.

Montgomery brought up the employee Bouchey wants to be exempt from overtime and PTO. She has contacted John Mapes and has been looking at what the qualifications are for an employee to be exempt.

The commissioners reviewed January 3rd minutes.  Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

The commissioners discussed the request from Comeau and Meyers for the Red Bud Village. It is their understanding that if they give money to them, this will be the last request.

Kim Northup, County Treasurer, was in to request cancelling 2019 outstanding checks as follows.  Ruder made a motion to approve the 2019 checks to be cancelled and paid back into County General Funds. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Treasurer Checks

Check #                Dated                    Amount               Payable To

13639                    1-4-19                   9.76                        Reed Heirs Estate

13649                    1-8-19                   107.32                   Ivan or Tammy Post

13651                    1-8-19                   16.74                     Richard Roslund

13822                    3-7-19                   1,155.18               Coral Production Corp

13889                    4-25-19                 4.00                        Ron Ely

13926                    5-10-19                 11.74                     Jody Thyfault

13965                    6-3-19                   92.16                     Stephan & Melissa Bigge

14142                    7-2-19                   12.29                     Priscilla Sumerall

14149                    7-8-19                   32.00                     Brian Maxfield

14197                    8-19-19                 13.58                     Viola Brown Estate

14267                    11-12-19               37.33                     Shane Allen Hammond

14302                    12-13-19               5.81                        Texakan Resources LLC

14308                    12-17-19               1,181.13               Plainville Livestock Commission

14322                    12-23-19               74.94                     Scott Smith

14336                    12-30-19               2.00                        Thomas Brown LLC

Total                                                      2,755.98

County General Checks

71356                    9-30-19                 66.25                     Danielle Muir


71676                    11-12-19               121.43                   Diane McReynolds

Total                                                      187.68


Northup visited with Chris from Klenda Austerman. The county doesn’t have to take ownership of unsold severed mineral interest. They would go back unto the tax rolls as delinquent. Delinquent taxes from 2018 and prior will be on the tax sale. Northup explained the process to Hilbrink.

Northup, Montgomery and the commissioners discussed valuing severed minerals at zero value. This was tabled until later.

Ruder motion to hire Klenda Austerman for the county delinquent tax sale. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed. Klenda Austerman also provide a Resolution for the County and Montgomery will have it ready next week to be signed.

Roger Hrabe, RCED, the state approved for the $74,000 for the work completed on the outside of the courthouse. This is 80% of the $92,500 bid. The County was approved for approx. $25,000 in tax credits. It was recommended to pull the dirt away from the retaining wall by the sidewalks and put in a barrier to protect the wall from continuing to deteriorate.

Ruder made a motion for both newspapers, Plainville Times and Stockton Sentinel, to be the official county newspapers with Stockton Sentinel being primary for 2023. The county will have an option to bid out large publications between the two newspapers; such as the delinquent tax/tax sale publications. Hilbrink second the motion and Berland agreed.

The Commissioners reviewed and approved the appointments for the new year. Hilbrink made a motion for 2023 appointments as follows. Ruder second the motion and Berland agreed.

                2023 APPOINTMENTS

  • Rooks County Commissioner Chair – John Ruder
  • 911 Fees – .53 cents per line
  • County Mileage rate – .56 cents per mileage
  • ADA Representative – Kayla Hilbrink
  • Community Correction Representative – Kayla Hilbrink
  • Economic Development Representative – Kayla Hilbrink
  • Emergency Management Director – Tracy “Butch” Post
  • Noxious Weed Director – Mike Klein
  • Local Emergency Planning – John Ruder
  • E-Waste Community – Tim Berland
  • Solid Waste Committee – Tim Berland
  • County Health Officer –
  • E-Community Financial Review Board – April Brown, Kelly Hansen, Lisa Gilmore, & Roger Hrabe
  • Mental Health Board Representatives – Scott Bennett & Gary Knight as an alternate
  • NW KS Juvenile Representatives – Kayla Hilbrink and Danielle Muir
  • NWKS Planning and Development – Tim Berland
  • NWKS Community Corrections Representative – Kayla Hilbrink
  • Senior Services Board – John Ruder
  • Work Force One Board Member – Kayla Hilbrink
  • Rooks County Golf Course Board – Bob Plante, Sam Jackson, David Reed, Rick Bice, Brian Berkley, Gary Knight and Kayla Hilbrink as County Representative
  • County Land Surveyors
    • Jerol DeBoer, Plainville, LS#1264
    • James Meis, Hays, LS#1533
    • Darrell Christen, Hays, LS #1367
    • Rich Bouchey, Stockton, LS #1444
    • Christopher Byer, Plainville, LS #1574
  • County Bank Depositors
    • Astra Bank, Plainville
    • Farmers National Bank, Stockton
    • First State Bank, Plainville
    • Solutions North Bank, Stockton
    • Municipal Investments Pool, Topeka
  • Rooks County Airport Commission
    • Leonard Bristow – reappointed to a three-year term ending May 23, 2025
    • Bryant Muir – reappointed to a three-year term ending May 23, 2025
    • Jonathan Berkley – reappointed to a three-year term ending February 17, 2026
    • Justin Casey – reappointed to a three-year term ending February 17, 2026
    • Holly Buss – reappointed to a three-year term ending February 17, 2026

Montgomery presented the statement for Mark Lowry and asked which fund to pay it out of. Ruder said to pay out of same fund as K-Camp Insurance.

The commissioners review the Treasurer Quarterly statement ending December 31, 2022.

Berland made a motion to pay KAC 2023 Membership in the amount of $1923.72.  Ruder second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Berland made a motion to review and approve the weekly vouchers as follows. Ruder second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

FUND                                    WARRANT #                                       AMOUNT

County General                 79695- 79706 &79731                    12,253.09

Road & Bridge                   79707 – 79718                                13,373.41

Noxious Weed                   79719 – 79720                                     223.02

Health Department            79721 – 79726                                   1,720.94

Sanitation                          79727 – 79730                                   1,748.26

Golf Course                        79732                                                    40.00

RCED                                 79733 – 79734                                     150.08

TOTAL                                                                                        29,508.80                            

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Hilbrink second the motion and Berland agreed.

Adopted this 17th day of January, 2023




John Ruder, Chairman                                                                                                                                                                              


Kayla Hilbrink, Member



Tim Berland, Member



Laura Montgomery, Certified County Clerk