Storefront/Signage Grant Program


The Storefront/Signage Program, through Rooks County Economic Development is meant to create and enhance promotion of businesses and physical design of businesses in Rooks County. The program offers four levels of grants towards projects that include:

*Signage: Development or update Signage for Business. Signage must meet city ordinance expectations and codes.

*Store Front Improvements:  Development of Storefront or Improvements to current Storefront. (Storefront of Building Design & Appearance: Roofing that impacts storefront; Painting Storefront; Signage; Windows; and Hardscape.)

Grant funds will not be provided until after project is complete and receipts/invoices are turned in with the project final report.

Applications are due May 13, 2024. Only one application per business can be received per year. Once a business has received funding, they cannot apply for funding again for 2 years. Applications are reviewed confidentially by an independent committee of professionals not affiliated with Rooks County Economic Development.  

The total amount to be given out each year is $10,000.  The grants are competitive and will be awarded on a scored basis until funding is depleted. This program is meant to enhance and expand current efforts and not be the sole funding for the project. Applicants can apply for one of the four grant categories depending on their projects projected cost:

Available Categories:
  1. $4,000 & UP cost = $2,000 grant.
  2. $3,000 to $3,999.99 cost = $1,500 grant
  3. $2,000 to $2,999.99 cost = $1,000 grant
  4. $1,000 to $1,999.99 cost = $500 grant

Application Requirements:

  • Complete Store Front/Signage Application by May 13, 2024
  • Provide Business Tax ID Number.
  • Provide proof of tax compliance.
  • All funded applicants agree to complete final report and provide receipts/invoices from project expenses in order to receive funds.
  • Applicant must have a business with an existing store front. If owner of building has no business in the facility, they will need to show a business plan for the facility once renovated.
  • All updates to facility must be within the city ordinance and codes.
  • Project must be completed within one year after grant is awarded.

Click here to access 2024 Storefront-Signage Grant Application

Submit application to: Rooks County Economic Development, 115 N. Walnut, Stockton, KS  67669, or by email to