Experience Historical Rooks County

(Sample one day itinerary; guided or self-guided)

Tour #1

Historical small towns – A good one day trip might begin with a tour of the small town of Codell and a recollection of the tornadoes that hit this town in three consecutive years on the same day–May 20, 1916-1918. This astounding sequence of events led to the decline of the town and landed them in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  Visit the newly-constructed monument that commemorates “Cyclone Day.”

The next stop would be in Damar for a tour of the beautiful St.Joseph’s Church in western Rooks County. Built in 1917, the church is an example of classic Romanesque design and stands as a testament to the importance that religion played to early settlers. The afternoon would conclude with a tour of the historic Nicodemus townsite. The site was the first all-African American settlement in Kansas and is now a National Historic Site.  The tour may begin with a lunch catered by a local resident using the famous Ernestine’s BBQ Sauce.

There are no admission fees at any locations, however, tour guide tips would be welcome. All arrangements must be made in advance.

Tour #2

Rooks County Museum and Stockton – The day would begin with a tour of the Rooks County Museum in Stockton. The Rooks County Historical Society maintains the museum, which features memorabilia from the early days of Rooks County. Next would be tour of the Rooks County Courthouse in downtown Stockton. The Courthouse is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features solid marble throughout the building. A noon lunch could be catered at the newly renovated Nova Theatre with a tour of the building after lunch, or you could visit one of the local restaurants for lunch. A current list can be found here.

There is no admission fee to the museum, but donations are appreciated.  For tours, contact the museum, call 785-425-7217.  

Visit the Rooks County website at www.www.rookscounty.net for information about other Rooks County attractions. For information on all tours, please contact Roger Hrabe at the Rooks County Economic Development Office at (785) 425-6881.