Rooks County Appraiser’s Office

Department Head:  Ronda Morgan, Interim Head

Office Professionals:  Rachelle Pfeifer; Helen King

Office Location:  2nd Floor Courthouse
Stockton, KS  67669

Mailing Address:  115 N. Walnut
Stockton, KS  67669

Phone Number:  (785) 425-6262

Fax Number:  (785) 425-7001

E-mail Address:

Office Hours:  8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 A.M. to 12 P.M. on Friday.
Open during the lunch hour

Social Media: You can find the Rooks County Appraiser’s Office on the following social media:

Appraisal Information:  Real Estate values (change of value notices) mailed on March 1st.

  • Taxpayers have 30 days to appeal the value.
  • Personal Property self-assessment is due on or before March 15.
  • Oil assessment by the Operator is due on or before April 1.
  • Personal Property and Oil value notices are mailed on or before May 1.
  • Taxpayers have 15 days to appeal the value.
  • Tax-appeal-process click here.

GIS Information:

  • An outside vendor is now responsible for GIS.
  • Basic maps and questions can be answered through the appraiser’s office.
  • Additional information including but not limited to layers, shape files, etc. will be charged by the vendor.

Other Information:  
      We have applications for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program



**NOTICE** The appraiser’s office and the treasurer’s office will no longer calculate estimates on vehicle property tax over the phone. You can Google Kansas Vehicle Tax Estimator or may visit:

The Rooks County Appraiser’s office will be visiting properties soon for a reinspection that is required by the State of Kansas. These inspections are tentatively scheduled to start the week of June 12th, 2023  for Stockton Township and Stockton City.  Representatives from the office are there to reconfirm information about the dwelling and any additional structures on the property. Yellow mailers will be sent out to all homeowners in these townships.  These mailers can be returned when team members come to your home, or by mail or email.   Please keep in mind that the team is not appraising your property, just verifying the data on file and recording any changes. This is the time to tell the team member about the bedroom count, any plumbing or electrical issues or anything that has changed within the last six years.  Should you have any questions, please call (785) 425-6262 or email


Please click this link to access the letter from County Appraiser on Value and percent difference by location including sales.  Value and percent difference by location including sales


Other Information:  1/6 of the county data is collected every year usually starting in May.

  • Final review of the real estate is usually from November to February.
         The final drive-by is for every parcel in the county.
  • The Appraiser’s Office figures vehicle taxes and the real estate,
          personal property, and oil values.
  • The office completes an annual census for the county.
  • We have applications for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program


Public Notices: