COVID-19 Emergency Response Loan for Rooks Co. businesses

Rooks County CDBG Revolving Loan – Business Stimulus Criteria

Kansas Department of Commerce CDBG Program is encouraging immediate use of our Revolving Loan Fund monies to support the working capital needs of businesses in Rooks County.

*  Loans must be used for working capital. This is defined as staff salaries and wages, purchase of inventory, utilities, rent, insurance payments, etc.
*  Business must have at least one full-time equivalent Low/Moderate income employee. Owners are not counted as employees. Part-time employees can add up to this full-time equivalent.
*  Loans are to stimulate JOB RETENTION, not new hires. State LMI Job Certification forms are required on all retained employees. Make copies as needed.
*  A letter from the company/business must be attached attesting that the company is either shut down or will be shut down due to COVID-19.
*  No collateral necessary; no matching funds necessary.
*  Loan terms are up to 3 years repayment, 0% interest, with no principal payments for 1st 4 months.
*  Proof of payment by copies of invoices, receipts, payroll must be supplied. No old outstanding debts qualify.
*  Business cannot have outstanding State or County tax obligations.
*  Fund availability begins March 30, 2020. Awards will be made by check from the Rooks County Commissioners. $3,000 per business limit at this time.

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