July 21


July 21, 2020

Meeting called to order by John Ruder, Chairman.  Corky Hagan, member, was present.  Greg Balthazor, member, was absent.  Ruthmary Muir, county clerk was absent.  Laura Montgomery, deputy clerk was present to take minutes for the board.  Virgie Laska was present to write the minutes for Stockton Sentinel.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Mike Klein, Noxious Weed Supervisor was added to the agenda.

Klein requested making the truck driving position a part time seasonal job.  This has been a full-time job in the past but with the new equipment it doesn’t take as long.

Ruder requested an executive session from 9:07 am to 9:12 am with himself, Hagan and Klein present. Hagan seconded the motion.  No further discussion after returning to open session.  It was approved to keep the seasonal help on for an additional two to three weeks until school starts again.  School has been delayed until after Labor Day because of COVID-19.

Gary Knight, Sheriff and Heather Poore, County Appraiser, were next on the agenda.  Knight was unable to attend so Butch Post, Emergency Manager, was present and Poore didn’t attend.  Post gave an update to the commissioners about the division of the GIS equipment.  Moving day will be Friday, July 24th.  OPI will be here before hand to prep the large format printer/plotter so it can be moved to the Sheriff’s office. The large copier will be moved to the sheriff’s office as he had paid for half.  The appraiser will get the other color copier.

Post discussed the meeting yesterday with SPARK. He will be doing and getting all of the expenses from the county department heads this week as Ruthmary Muir is gone.  He talked about the idea of just giving each entity a percentage, i.e. county %, cities %, hospital %, as an easier way of dividing the funds.  Then each entity would be responsible for keeping track of how and where the money is spent.  This information needs to be to Witt O’Brien by July 29th so it can be submitted for approval by August 15th.

Ruder made a motion to approve July 14th minutes as presented.  Hagan second the motion.

The commissioners reviewed the short letter from the GIS department as follows:

                What’s in the GIS Office?

                July 10, 2020

The 2 gray legal-size files in the SE corner of the office came from the Clerk’s office.  They were in the stockpile in the outside building to be sold at the next county sale. Clara asked if I wanted them and I said yes.

There are files folders and notes in those cabinets that could go to different offices, if they want them.  They just need to ask.

The 2 newer putty-colored file cabinets were purchased by the GIS office to create more room for the Map Work Cards.  If the Map Work Cards are going to be moved to the 4th floor, or someplace else, they could be condensed into less file cabinets to save space.  I only wanted more room since I worked with them every day.

The computer and plotter should be kept together.  Printing maps requires the software AcrView and it is on the GIS computer.  I have already given Heather all the appraisal information she needs that is on the computer in a .zip folder to be taken to a vendor. (something she has always wanted to do)

I also gave Gary his NG911 information is a .zip folder.  That information is 100% solely for the Sheriff’s Department only. It has nothing to do with the appraiser’s office and she shouldn’t be able to make any decisions pertaining to this information.

There is a vast amount of data and maps saved on this computer from both public and county entity requests. (mostly the Sheriff and Emergency Manager).  The maps I print for the Emergency Manager and/or Sheriff’s Department vary in letter sized to 36” x 36”.  I have printed maps for the public and they have been the same various sizes also.

Any maps I’ve made for the appraiser’s office have been on letter-sized paper and they can be printed out on their computers upstairs using the Arc Reader program already installed on their computers.  I’m sure the vendor will have their own software they will use.  My opinion is: The appraiser doesn’t need the computer or plotter since I will not be in the office and she will have a vendor do all of her work.  They really should be readily available to the Sheriff and Emergency Manager’s offices.

There is still lots of other stuff, but you guys can figure out what to do with it.

Hagan reports there was .30 to 2 ½ inches of rain received in his area with the NW part of the county receiving the most rain.  Some roads in that area have been washed out.  He has already visited with Rich Bouchey, Road Supervisor, about the washed-out roads as well as the weeds and grass needing to be mowed in the ditches and the sides of the roads.

Ruder visited with the Red Bud Village Director.  They are going to start sending out letters informing the resident’s family members the new protocols for visiting. He also visited with the county sheriff about hiring a new person for $2,400 per year to help with the GIS.  Nex-Tech has a new monitor for vehicles that will keep track of the vehicle’s location, speed and other information.

Rich Bouchey, road supervising, was next on the agenda. He reported that over the weekend one of the county’s trucks had been stolen from the shop area.  It was the 2007 Chevy. Ben Larsen is the deputy who took the report.  It is estimated the vehicle was stolen on Saturday around 3:00 pm and left at the shop was a stolen vehicle from Iowa.  At this time the county truck has not been found.

The #73 grader that was rebuilt is having issues with over-heating. It has been taken to Concordia to be repair.  They think the problem is the head gasket.

There is lots of water running across roads and road washouts in the NW part of the county from all of the rain.   The road by Conyac’s Bed & Breakfast is flooded. The bridge north of S Rd & 10 Rd – water is running down the road and boring out a hole at the bridge.  Bouchey plans on putting new asphalt in the hole to slow down the damage.  This will be fixed later.

Gerald Deboer from Penco received a letter from the Bureau of Local Projects for the Off System #20 Bridge located at 8 Rd and & G Rd. Bouchey is planning on putting triple barrel boxes in the area. (3- 3’ x10’ tubes)

The spill way for Webster’s dam is being torn out.  Bouchey has been contacted by a couple of the contractors about the price at the landfill for the concrete.  The project is to begin next March. Bouchey does not want the concrete at the landfill. He is going to talk with Zac Kesler about putting the concrete on a road in the area so it can be crushed and used by the county.

A utility agreement from Krob Trenching for a water line across AA Rd east of 18 Rd was submitted for approval. Ruder made a motion to approve the agreement and Hagan agreed.

Ruder asked Bouchey if the county was still maintaining the road at Plainville Township Lake. Bouchey said Alan had called him about it in June.  Ruder told Bouchey the road needs to be gone over.

Bouchey said he has some COVID-19 expenses including 15 gallons of vitaloxide. He is going to order another 55 gallons. 

The commissioners decided they would like to have all of the COVID-19 expenses from the department heads by Monday the 29th

Ruder will be gone next week.  Hagan thought Balthazor will be back next week.

Hagan made a motion to sign July 14th minutes. Ruder second the motion.

Received from the State of Kansas $2,000 for 2-months rent for the Water Resource Building.

Heather Poore, county appraiser, was in to have the commissioners approve and sign the contract for the Appraiser’s GIS data maintenance.  Ruder made a motion to approve and sign the contract.  Hagan second the motion.  Poore said the help wanted ad will be published one more week and she will start interviewing people this week.

Kim Northup came in to have the commissioners sign the vouchers for the airport and small funds.  Ruder made a motion to sign the vouchers and Hagan second the motion. 

Northup requested spending $4500 to raise the sides of her employees’ cubicles.  The public has been going around the shield protectors in place and leaning over the side of the cubicles getting too close to the employees.   She was hoping to use SPARK money to do this or pay for it out of her equipment reserve account. The request was not approved by the commissioners.

Lori Eichman, Health Administrator and Butch Post, Emergency Manager, was next on the agenda.  While waiting for Post, Eichman talked about the new executive order from the Governor requiring all K-12 school children to wear a mask, and to sanitize and wash hands every hour while at school.  She met with the schools about having a nurse just to help with the COVID-19 requirements.  She would like to hire a nurse just for that but the money to pay the salary would come from SPARK and the funds would only be available until the end of December.  Eichman would like to do a month to month contract if she can find a nurse who will be willing to work.

There are currently 2 active COVID-19 cases in Rooks County and 9 recovered for a total of 11 cases.

Kim Northup, Butch Post, Lori Eichman, Heather Poore and the commissioners discussed the meeting with Witt O’Brien on the distributing and spending of the SPARK funds. The county received $992,217.00. This is 40% distribution for the first round which is for the county, municipalities and maybe also the USD’s.  The second round will be 15% to 30% and will include business revitalization.  The 3rd round will be 15% to 30% and will be for health services.  The state will be dispersing the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

It was discussed further the nurse for the schools. Eichman decided to hold off on hiring a school nurse until there was some clarification.

Post said there will be weekly meetings with Witt O’Brien, an hour for the county, an hour for the cities and an hour for the schools. Someone from the county should listen in on each meeting. Ruder said Witt O’Brien should help prioritize how the money is spent.  It is not known at this time when the nursing homes will receive SPARK funding.  Ruder said the home in Plainville has already received money from the CARES Act.

It was also discussed which money should be spent first, the CARES – FEMA – or SPARK.  There has been conflicting information regarding this.

A new county budget was received from John Mapes, county auditor, for the commissioner’s approval.  Ruder said the Appraiser’s budget was about $15,000 too much for salaries. He needs to take out the salary for the GIS director and add in the money for the new employee.  Also add in $5,000 for the contract for the GIS data maintenance. Montgomery said she would contact Mr. Mapes and have the adjustments made.

Corky made a motion to approve and sign the weekly vouchers.  Ruder second the motion.

County General                warrants 73477 – 73492                $8,816.68

Road & Bridge                   warrants 73493 – 73515                $59,776.76

Noxious Weed                  warrants 73516                                  $14.71

Attorney Equip                  warrants 73517                                  $147.72

Health Dept                        warrants 73518 – 73522                $6,405.44

Sanitation                            warrants 73523 – 73528                $4,160.08

Golf Course                        warrants 73529 – 73531                $650.75

Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Hagan second the motion.

Adopted this 28th day of July, 2020



John Ruder, Chairman


Greg Balthazor, Member


Corky Hagan, Member



 Laura Montgomery, Rooks County Deputy Clerk