July 20


July 20, 2021

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met in regular session.  Commissioners present were:  Chairman John Ruder, and Members Greg Balthazor and Tim Berland.  Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk, was present to write the minutes.  Virgi Laska, with the Stockton Sentinel, was also present.  Ruder asked all to rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  The agenda was approved. 

Gary Knight, Rooks County Sheriff, presented a re-submitted budget.  He is proposing to raise the starting hourly wage for deputies to $17 per hour.  Knight was thinking that he could transfer his Equipment Reserve Funds instead of trying to change the budget mill levy at this time. 

Knight also asked about getting outside help with the distribution and paperwork with the ARPA funding.  The Commissioners will need to have this discussion. 

Marjorie Boeckner, President of Cemetery #14, Paradise Center Cemetery, was present to let the Commissioners know that she has padlocked the entry gate at the cemetery.  Ms. Boeckner has given a key to the padlock to all that she feels would need it.  She thinks people are entering the cemetery for unknown reasons and damaging the property.  Ms. Boeckner also mentioned that if plots had settled or sunken in, she would like the cemetery board association to finance the repairs. 

Rich Bouchey, Road & Bridge Supervisor, discussed with the Board about the work the crews are doing at this time.  Some culvert extensions are being laid throughout the County. 

Bouchey had met with the State Bureau of Local Projects.  Bouchey explained to them about the cost of repairing one mile at a time that may have several areas needed repaired.  The Bureau representative’s requirement is to take each wash-out throughout a mile and price them separately.  With this equation, Rooks County would not meet the amount of the threshold allowed by the Bureau of Local Projects for funding.

Bouchey had visited with Jordan Dettmer, with Penco Engineering.  Dettmer did not think Rooks County would get selected for a bridge replacement programs for the 2023 year.  Bouchey will turn in one of the bridges anyway; in case there may be a chance.   

Berland asked about the road concern at AA/12 Road.  The grader operator is working there now.  Bouchey thought that even with the recent rain, the road may powder quickly.  Berland also asked about the road west of the Webster Lake Bait Shop.  Bouchey has no plans to fix this quickly because of the price of culverts.  Bouchey estimated the culvert needed to repair this road would cost approximately $17,000. 

Bouchey said the Township 11 Board is waiting on him to put some chemical on the newly formed road at the lake. 

Bouchey had received a request from the City of Stockton to use the County’s chip spreader.  The County’s chip spreader would not work for the project they needed.  The City of Stockton ended up using the City of Plainville’s, and Bouchey had hauled it for them. 

Heather Poore, Rooks County Appraiser, was present to report the fuel pump on the County pickup had gone out.  The bill had come back higher than expected at $986.05 from Brad Waller Automotive.  Poore has received some recalls on the 2017 Dodge pickup.  She will get the recalls looked at after they are finished with the data collection. 

The Commissioners reviewed the minutes of July 13th.  Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes of July 13th as presented.  Berland seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed.  After the minutes were printed, Berland made a motion to sign the minutes of July 13th.  Ruder seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

In weekly reports, Balthazor reported on the Economic Development meeting he had attended the previous evening.  Berland had relayed to the Road Supervisor the road concern calls he had received. 

Ruder made a motion to sign a Notice to the Township 11 Board for a cereal malt beverage application to sell cereal malt beverages at the Rooks County Golf Course on July 31st during a tournament to benefit the Stockton Recreation Commission.  Balthazor seconded the motion, and Berland agreed. 

Ruder made a motion to sign for deposit a check received from the State of Kansas for rent at the Water Resources Building in the amount of $2,000.  This check covered rent for the months of July and August.  Berland seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

The Commissioners signed certification pages for the 2020 amended budgets of the Landfill and the Nursing Facility.  The certification pages will need to be sent to the State.

The Commissioners signed the 2020 change orders sheets. 

Ruder made a motion to review, approve and sign the weekly vouchers as follows.  Balthazor seconded the motion, and Berland agreed.

                July 20, 2021

County General                                                75904-75920                       15,484.34

Road & Bridge                                                   75921-75949                       47,633.78

Sheriff Equipment Reserve                               75950                                    2,025.00

Health Department                                            75951-75960                       17,575.24

Sanitation                                                          75961-75964                          1,803.74

Rooks County Golf Course                               75965-75966                             578.54

Sheriff Registration                                           75967                                         785.00

                GRAND TOTAL                                                                               85,885.64

The Commissioners spent some time reviewing the second draft for the 2022 Rooks County Budget. 

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Berland seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

Adopted this 27th day of July, 2021




John Ruder, Chairman                                                                                                             


Greg Balthazor, Member


Tim Berland, Member



Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk