April 14


APRIL 14, 2020

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met in regular session.  Those present were the Commissioners:  John Ruder, Greg Balthazor and Corky Hagan.  Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk, was present to write the minutes.  This meeting was held through Zoom because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the agenda was approved. 

Roger Hrabe, Rooks County Economic Development Director, updated the Commission about the programs through the Cares Act and the micro-loans.  Hrabe has put out a lot of information about the programs through social media and ads.  He has received two applications from businesses:  one each in Stockton and Plainville.  The Commissioners would need to sign the Determination of Level of Review to be sent into the Kansas Department of Commerce.  Hagan made a motion to sign both Determination of Level of Review forms for each business’ loan application.  Balthazor seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed. 

Hrabe mentioned he would be opening bids for the Snow Removal Equipment at 2:00 pm today.  The snow removal building is completed.  The Snow Removal Equipment grant was originally a 90/10% split, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the grant is now a 100% grant.  Three or four bids are expected, and the Airport Commission will need to approve the bid. 

Lori Eichman, Rooks County Health Department Administrator, reported that Rooks County still has just two cases of the coronavirus.  Testing in Rooks County is continuing.  More cases are starting to appear in the surrounding counties.  The Health Department has received a $13,000 grant to be used for COVID-19 related items (cleaning supplies, time, etc.)  Also, a $2,000 grant was received from the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments to be used for the same items. 

Butch Post, Emergency Management, asked about the burn ban.  If a ban was imposed, the farmers would still be able to burn CRP as governed, but a ban would help slow the burning of tree piles and other small yard fires.  After some discussion, the Commission decided to leave the rules for burning as it is currently.  People are required to call in any controlled burns to the dispatchers. 

Post was asked about public assistance for COVID-19 expenses.  Any supplies bought will be kept track of.  Post will check and see if any overtime would qualify for any public assistance.

The minutes of April 7th were reviewed.  Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes of April 7th with a few corrections made.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed.  After the minutes were printed, Hagan made a motion to sign the corrected minutes.  Ruder seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

In weekly reports, Hagan reported a quiet week.  He would discuss a couple of roads with the Road Supervisor:  12 Road south of Highway 24 and N Road south of Webster Lake.

Balthazor had drove some roads and reported they are becoming very dusty with the dry weather, and some residents are still complaining about too much debris being dragged from the ditches onto the roads.  Balthazor had read where a neighboring county had enacted a $1000 fine for hunters caught that had not quarantined the fourteen (14) days as ordered by the State.  Balthazor wondered if Rooks County should impose a similar fine.  This was not acted upon.  KDWP is no longer selling out-of-state turkey permits. 

Ruder said he had talked to the party about the golf cart, and they are not interested in obtaining the golf cart the county had offered.

Rich Bouchey, Road & Bridge Supervisor, presented the fee reports for both the Road & Bridge Department and the Landfill.   Hagan made a motion to approve both the Road & Bridge Department and the Landfill fee reports.  Balthazor seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed.

The monthly fuel bids dated 04/13/2020 were presented as follows.  Midland Marketing received the bid with the amount of $8,325.10.

                Midland Marketing                  Diesel                    6,950.50

                                                                Unleaded            1,374.60               Total: $8,325.10

                Farmers Union                       Diesel                    7,040.00

                                                                Unleaded            1,454.00               Total: $8,494.00

                Bosselman                              Diesel                    7,191.50              

                                                                Unleaded            1,485.40               Total: $8,676.90

Ruder made a motion to sign the Landfill check from cash and receipts in the amount of $8,611.90.  Balthazor seconded the motion, and Hagan agreed.  Hagan signed the check. 

Bouchey presented culvert bids as follows:

                J&J Drainage – $13,920.00

                Welborn – $14,124.80

                DC Wholesale – $14,160.00

The bids included delivery.  Ruder made a motion to accept the low bid from J&J Drainage in the amount of $13,920.00 for culverts.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

Bouchey mentioned he has ordered professional cleaning disinfectant to be used in the office, shop and equipment. 

Bouchey said the shed has been relocated to the Plainville water tower.  It is set-up and ready. 

Discussions were held about equipment maintenance.  A patrol is ready to pick up – the engine was re-manufactured.  This is the patrol that rolled over.  Another patrol, that is still under warranty), is back in Wichita to get the engine pulled and several other issues looked at.  Bouchey reported the crawler is at the Landfill.  A mechanic will need to come out to help mount the bucket that they were having trouble with. 

Hagan reported the road concerns with 12 Road south of Highway 24 and also N road south of Webster Lake.  Bouchey will check out why 12 Road is closed.  Bouchey agreed that N Road could be built back up, but wanted to wait and look at it in the future to make sure the water table stays down. 

Balthazor discussed needing more signs out especially on 26 Road south of Woodston. 

Roque Garcia, Custodian, presented information about his diminishing supply of disinfectants.  He could order Vital Oxide or 4-Quat disinfectants, but the delivery was not guaranteed until the end of May.  Garcia will order what he can get received quickly. 

The Board requested the County Clerk get the budget memo out quickly, with the budgets due by May 15th.  The Commissioners also requested each department to streamline their budget requests due to the oil valuations dropping drastically. 

The Board decided they would meet regularly on the 21st of April; but they would not have their regular meeting on the 28th.  The Commissioners will be meeting on Thursday, April 30th for their regular meeting so as to get payroll and vouchers done at that time. 

Hagan made a motion to review, approve and sign the weekly vouchers as follows.  Balthazor seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed. 

                April 14, 2020

County General                                 72820-72850                       $39,475.00

Road & Bridge                                   72851-72877                       $64,861.89

Health Department                            72878-72888                       $4,658.48

Sanitation                                          72889-72897                       $3,045.50

Rooks County Golf Course                72898-72902                       $1,807.30

Economic Development Ex TR           72903-72904                       $202.17

           GRAND TOTAL                                                                   $114,050.34

With no further business to transact, Hagan made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Balthazor seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed. 

Adopted this 21st day of April, 2020




John Ruder, Chairman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Greg Balthazor, Member


Corky Hagan, Member



Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk