May 30


MAY 30, 2023

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met with the following present:  Chairman, John Ruder, and Members Tim Berland and Kayla Hilbrink. Laura Montgomery, County Clerk, was present to record the minutes.  Virgie Laska was present to write a report for Stockton Sentinel. Ruder called the meeting to order and asked all to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance

The agenda was accepted as presented.

Rick Gianni, Sharon Pettijohn, Tammy Devero, Mike Muir and Sandi Rogers with the Historical Museum was in to visit with the commissioners. One of the board members had called Ruder upset about the county paying Solida Tree Service to have the evergreen bushes removed. He said Rick Gianni didn’t have authority to go to the commissioners to request this. Gianni said in the fall, the board at the museum had a meeting and discussed removing the trees and bushes. This was discussed again at their spring meeting. Gianni said in the future, the minutes from the museum meetings will be sent to the commissioners so there is transparency.  They are here to request the county still pays for Solida Tree Service to remove the evergreen bushes and trees trimmed or removed as needed. The majority of the museum board is for having the work completed. The check to Solida has been issued but is being held in the clerk’s office.

The commissioners gave out employee anniversary plaques as follows:

Gail Strutt – 40 years of service; Danny Knoll – 30 years of service; Chris Lambert – 30 years of service; Rusty Morgan – 30 years of service; Kelly Richmond – 30 years of service; Jack Kuhlman – 20 years of service; Gail Gibbs – 20 years of service; Lisa Gilmore – 20 years of service; Tracy Grieve – 10 years of service; Collin Hocket – 10 years of service; Gary Knight – 10 years of service; Denise Murchie – 10 years of service; Angel Amlong – 10 years of service

The commissioners review May 23rd minutes. Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections. Hilbrink second the motion and Berland agreed.

Rich Bouchey, Road Supervisor, weekly report: He has everyone he can get, out running graders as there was moisture over the weekend. They are working on less traveled roads now and then the roads that have heavy traffic later with the water truck as needed later. Berland said there are a few roads by where he lives that need rock. Bouchey discussed the equipment at Foley’s being repaired. Kuhlman’s grader has quit running. It is at Kuhlman’s shop and he is waiting for a mechanic to come fix it. Hilbrink asked if Bouchey had visited with Shane Mongeau. He hasn’t but someone has been out there and put up a fence for the cattle. Bouchey and the commissioners discussed equipment. The excavator should be back today. The green water truck has been repaired. The problem was a relay switch.

Bouchey and the commissioners discussed roads. Berland drove the road by the bait shop where they had just replaced the culvert. On U Road between 11 Road and 12 Road there had been a fire some time ago that burned off posts and damage a bridge. The road crew will be working on the bridge in the near future.

Bouchey will have a department meeting on June 12th. Brandon Mann with K-Worc will be there to teach a defensive driving class.

Bouchey presented two employment applications. One applicate has experience as a grader man and the other is in attendance.

Ruder requested an executive session with commissioners, Bouchey and the applicant to discuss non-elected personnel, for 8 minutes from 9:47 to 9:55 2nd Berland, Hilbrink agreed. Upon returning to open session, there was no further discussion.

Received from Heartland community Foundation a letter informing the commissioners they have rebranded their logo as well as a thank you note for their support.

Received from State of Kansas a check for rent at the water resource building. Ruder made a motion to accept and endorse the check in the amount of $1,000. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Public Notice #KS-AG-R-23-010 was received from KDHE. PUBLIC NOTICE CONCERNING KANSAS/FEDERAL WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PERMITS AND APPLICATIONS. Pending permits for confined Feeding Facilities.

The commissioners discussed the request from firework vendors to sell fireworks prior to the 4th of July. Since it rained over the weekend it is looking like they will allow fireworks to be sold.

Hilbrink weekly report: She received a few calls about the road crew grading the roads. She viewed the link from KAC and discussed some of the things they have going. David Harper, from Kansas Department of Property sent her a e mail to follow up from last week’s meeting. He hoped the conversation was helpful and will provide a report towards end of summer as to the accuracy of values.

Ruder went to the Tacos and Taxes meeting last Thursday put on by Matt Whitney. Heather Poore, Appraiser gave a slide presentation. There were less than 20 people in attendance. Ruder did respond to some of the questions Whitney sent to the clerk. Ruder was asked to speak (impromptu). He talked with a former teacher about Facebook and live streaming. He is still getting pushed to do an evening meeting.

Hilbrink is concerned about having too many Facebook pages for the county. She would like to see one for all offices. Also discussed was the current county website. Hilbrink thinks it might be time to have it upgraded. The clerk will continue to look at the cost for a new website.

Ruder weekly report: He talked with the county treasurer about the delinquent tax sale.  It will be six (6) to (9) months before the delinquent tax properties will be sold. Ruder also visited with the County Attorney about the property in Plainville City that has delinquent taxes. Stockton City is looking at purchasing the property for back taxes to build a shed for the ambulances in Plainville. The property is across from Bret’s Bikes.

The county has two (2) ambulances on order and they could be in by the end of the year. There is a place in Plainville to house an ambulance but Stockton doesn’t have enough room in their shed because the new ambulance will be too long. They are looking at the vacant lot across from the bakery to the west of Culligan Water. The owner is willing to sell the property for $4,000. All of the commissioners agreed on the asking price and the commissioners are willing to purchase the property for a new ambulance building. Ruder will have the county attorney look at both properties.  

Hilbrink said Megan, EMS Director, received a grant for ambulance equipment.

Rooks County has the funds for one (1) ambulance plus enough to pay for ½ of the other ambulance. Hilbrink will contact NWKP & D to apply for a grant for the second ambulance.

Hilbrink made a motion to sign May 16th and 23rd minutes. Ruder second the motion and Berland agreed.  

Ruder made a motion to review and sign the weekly and end of month vouchers as follows. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.


FUND                                    VOUCHERS         EMPLE BEN         GROSS PAY         EARLY CHECK     TOTAL

General                                148,441.36         42,198.18           156,155.77                          346,795.31

Road & Bridge                    13,278.58                                 74,972.82           -2,604.16            85,647.24

Noxious Weed                   259.75                                                9,373.96                                 9,633.71

Health Depart                                                  3,239.41              18,935.90                               22,175.31

Sanitation                                                                                   10,318.20                                10,318.20

Golf Course                                                                                  1,245.73                                 1,245.73

RCED                                  1,772.07              838.00                 4,873.96                                  7,484.03

GRAND TOTALS             163,751.76         46,275.59           275,876.34         -2,604.16        483,299.53



FUND                                    VOUCHERS         EMPLE BEN         GROSS PAY         EARLY CHECK     TOTAL

General                                 217,553.17         42,198.18           156,155.77                        415,907.12

Road & Bridge                    75,128.67                                           74,972.82    -2,604.16    150,101.49

Noxious Weed                   1,808.36                                              9,373.96                           11,182.32

Sheriff Equipment            14,135.90                                                                                       14,135.90

Health Depart                    10,767.25           3,239.41              18,935.90                              32,942.56

Sanitation                            5,943.03                                         10,318.20                            16,261.23

Golf Course                         79.04                                                 1,245.73                             1,324.77

RCED                                 2,414.43              838.00                 4,873.96                                8,126.39

Alcohol Program               800.00                                                                                                800.00

Parks & Rec                         2,200.00                                                                                       2,200.00

Dare Fund                           1,431.61                                                                                        1,431.61

Insurance Claims               5,145.00                                                                                          5,145.00

GRAND TOTALS                 337,406.46         46,275.59        275,876.34      -2,604.16         656,558.39


With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Hilbrink second the motion and Berland agreed.


Adopted this 6th Day of June, 2023




John Ruder, Chairman                                                                                                                                                                                  


Kayla Hilbrink, Member


Tim Berland, Member



Laura Montgomery, Certified County Clerk