Kansas women create angel gowns

George Taylor, Photojournalist , gtaylor@kwch.com    Click here for video.

A Kansas mother and daughter are giving back, helping grieving families with the pain of losing a baby.

Peggy Wise and Jenny Gray are sewing Angel Gowns, turning wedding dresses into burial gowns for newborns. Brides across the country donate their special occasion dresses for the cause.

“Some of the girls who bring their dress, they cry a few tears and we cry a few tears, too. They leave it, but they know it’s going to a good purpose,” Peggy said.

The seamstresses hope the gowns will bring hope to families facing pain.

“I want them special,” Jenny said. “I want them special for them because they are only going to get one dress. They are not going to have a wedding dress. Not going to have a prom dress. They are not going to have special clothes.”

Peggy said she understands a life lost too soon.

“We lost one of our grandchildren a few years ago to drowning,” she said. “He was 3 years old, but not a baby by any means. But it makes you stop and think unless you lost child you don’t have any idea how it hurts, how it makes you feel.”

NICU Helping Hands is a non-profit, and will not be accepting anymore gowns this year. Those who would like to donate are asked to hold on to their dresses until January.

Monetary donations and sewing volunteers are welcome. Go to kwch.com to learn more.