Rooks County Home Health Agency

Services Provided:

  • Personal Care Assistance (Bathing, Shampooing, and Light Housework)
  • Monitoring of Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose
  • Instruction for Diabetic Care
  • Education on Special Diets
  • Foot Care
  • Medication Assistance (setting-up and explaining proper administration of any prescribed medications , such as pills and insulin)
  • Instruction and Education for family members and care-givers in Wound Management
  • Physician ordered IV Therapy
  • Assessment of Skilled Nurses regarding Critical, Sensitive, and Vital Medical Conditions

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We Pledge to give to our Patients the Right:

  • To Choose their Care Providers
  • To Participate in the Planning of the Care
  • To Request and Receive Information about their Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment
  • To Receive Care without Discrimination in regard to Race, Color, Creed, Sex, Handicap, or Nation Origin.
  • To have all Information kept Confidential
  • To be Referred Elsewhere if Service is Unavailable or, for any reason, Denied
  • To have Personal Property Treated with Respect
  • To be Told in Advance of the Type of Care which will be provided and How Often the Care will be given.

Rook County Home Health Agency:

  • Is County-Owned and Operated County-Wide, serving all of Rooks County, as well as the cities of Codell, Damar, Palco, Plainville, Stockton, Woodston, and Zurich
  • Has Nurses Available 24 Hours a day and 365 days a year
  • Provides Positive Interaction with Clients by being Empathetic to Patients, Families, and Care-Givers
  • Expertly and Professionally Handles Home Health Care Needs
  • Is Certified with Medicaid and Medicare

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