April 18


April 18, 2023

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met with the following present:  Chairman, John Ruder, and Members Tim Berland and Kayla Hilbrink. Laura Montgomery, County Clerk, was present to record the minutes.  Virgie Laska was present to write a report for Stockton Sentinel. Ruder called the meeting to order and asked all to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance

The agenda was accepted as presented.

The commissioners review April 11th minutes. Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections. Hilbrink second the motion and Berland agreed.

Bouchey weekly report: He presented the Landfill Farm Lease for 2023 between the County and Steve and Ryan Hageman. Hilbrink made a motion to accept and sign the Landfill Farm Lease. Ruder second the motion and Berland agreed.

Bouchey presented an agreement from the US Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, for the Confirmation of Bridge Ownership and Operation and Maintenance Responsibility for Bridges and Structures that Cross or are Located on Bureau of Reclamation Facilities or Land in Rooks County. Ruder made a motion to sign the agreement for the US Department of the Interior. Berland second the agreement and Hilbrink agreed.

Bouchey presented a check from Farmers Union. Ruder made a motion to endorse the Farmers Union check in the amount of $285.99. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Bouchey presented the March Landfill check. Ruder made a motion to accept and endorse the Landfill check in the amount of $12,622.20. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Bouchey presented the March Road and Bridge Report and March Sanitation Report.

Bouchey presented the annual County Engineer Report for the commissioners to review. This is required by the State of Kansas.

Bouchey presented quotes for culverts. He doesn’t want to purchase big culverts as they are still too costly. Bouchey and the commissioners discussed how many culverts to purchase, size and pricing. Berland made a motion to accept the quote from Wellborn for the purchase of culverts in the amount of $49,824.00. Ruder second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Bouchey had some of his employees go to the landfill area to pick up trash in the fields and along Highway 183.

Heather Poore, County Appraiser, said she is having trouble getting a golf cart list from the golf association. Hilbrink will visit with David Reed and have him provide that information to the County Appraiser. Poore is not renewing a couple of her memberships to help her budget for 2024. She said she is closing her office door to the public on Thursday.  Her office is behind on getting oil valuations entered and needs the uninterrupted time to get caught up. Also, she will be out of the office on Thursday and doesn’t want her staff to have to handle any questions in regards to property valuations.

Ruder requested an executive session for ten minutes, from 9:45 am to 10:00 am to discuss non-elected personnel. Those in attendance were Ruder, Berland, Hilbrink and Poore. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed. Upon return to open session, there was no further discussion.

Rick Gianni, with the Rooks County Historical Society, was in to request the County’s help to remove trees stumps, trim some trees and clean the area outside of the museum. He is most concerned about the evergreen bushes right against the northside of building. Because they are so big, to remove them might cause some building damage. Someone donated stone fence posts and they would like to use them to put up a new sign for the museum. Hilbrink said to contact KDOT for ROW before placing the sign. Ruder will contact Bouchey to see if and when he might have some people available to help remove and trim trees.

The commissioners received from NAC three calendars.

Ruder made a motion sign the Special Event CMB for the Plainville Fire Department golf tournament on April 29th.  Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Hilbrink weekly report:  She attended the economic development meeting, Roger Hrabe and Kelli Hansen talked about trail projects. There are many grant opportunities beginning to open including grants for housing. Stockton Valley Manor is estimating that in late May or early June to be open. No exact date has been set but things are closer to being completed.  Hilbrink suggested the Appraiser Office is open on Thursday.

Berland weekly report: He has not had any road complaints. Also, he has heard less complaints about valuations.

The commissioners discussed valuations, RNR notices, levies and the changes in levies.

Ruder made a motion to review and approve the weekly vouchers as follows. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

FUND                                                    TOTAL

County General                                7,496.28

Road & Bridge                                   28,334.93

Noxious Weed                                  856.43

Health Department                         7,037.40

Custodian Equip                                643.87

Sanitation                                            2,860.65

Parks & Recreation                          1,303.00

Sheriff VIN Registration                 250.00

Grand Total                                        48,782.56

Bouchey presented the State of KS High Risk Rural Road Program Agreement so the county can receive $8,000 for federal-aid. Ruder made a motion to sign the State of Kansas High Risk Rural Road Program. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Berland second the motion and Hilbrink agreed.

Adopted this 25th Day of April, 2023



John Ruder, Chairman                                                                                                                                                                                


Kayla Hilbrink, Member


Tim Berland, Member



Laura Montgomery, Certified County Clerk