Stockton opens new pool

The City of Stockton officially opened their new swimming poo on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.  The pool has been under construction since January, and due to favorable winter weather, opened earlier than expected. 

The pool has several new features that patrons are sure to enjoy.  Among them are a basketball goad, a handicapped-accessible ramp, a large winding slide, and a zero-depth entry with a small, two-person child-size slide.  A mushroom and shading seating area is also featured.

Stockton began working toward building a new pool well over a year ago when it was decided that the current pool was beyond repair.  The new pool is in the same location as the old pool, but with a different configuration.  The pool house is larger and much more user friendly.  Next door to the pool is the new Recreation and Fitness Center, set to open in September.