New MRI/Nuclear Med addition complete

Open House held for MRI and Nuclear Medicine

The MRI and Nuclear Medicine Suite Open House was held on April 12 at 2 pm. Bill Stahl welcomed about 30 visitors. Bill said, “This was a huge, huge goal for us.”

CEO Mike Sinclair also spoke saying, “The MRI came about because of Radiology Director, Karen Harris. Karen is the one who did all the research on the machine.”

Mike said that with the mobile MRI, we were seeing about 7 patients per week. With the new in-house machine we are seeing about 4 patients per day. Mike also noted that the community has been very supportive of the expansion.

“Our board, medical staff, administration and our entire organization has that forward vision of, ‘What can we do to enhance our services and make things better?’ ” Bill said. “It’s all about the patient. The patient is Number1; that’s why we’re here. Let’s take care of them. Anything we can do to enhance services and make things better, we’re all about it.”

RCH staff offered tours of the new expansion housing the $1 million Toshiba Vantage Titan MRI and nuclear medicine machine for the rest of the afternoon.

After the tour, everyone enjoyed special treats in the RCH cafeteria. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this day successful