Animal Hospital to expand facility

The Animal Hospital in Plainville is making big leaps heading into 2017.  The clinic has purchased the neighboring lot that was previously the American Eagle Drilling building, and will be remodeling and constructing a large animal working facility as well as expanding the small animal services.

Plans include several secure outdoor holding pens, an easy pull-through and semi truck offload, a bud-box design for quiet and safe cattle movement and a hydraulic tilt-chute.  The tilt-chute will allow more detailed foot and leg work.  In addition, there will be an expansion for calf work, small ruminant work with goats and sheep as well as equine services with the addition of horse stocks.

The new facility will have space for staff to explore options like socialization classes for puppies and kittens, offer canine obedience training and additional community events including educational opportunities.

An open house celebration is planned when the facility is ready in 2017.