Animal Hospital introduces new facility expansion

Lauren Mack, DVM, arrived in Plainville to work with Dr. Armin Kelly at The Animal Hospital in May, 2014.  By July, she was the owner of the practice.  Less than three years later, Mack held an open house on March 18, 2016 to show the public the new expansion at the facility.

“We saw the need and our facilities are older, and earned their keep for a number years, but are not suited to our type of work,” Mack said.  “When the building next door (formerly American Eagle building), came up for sale, we took the opportunity and started designing a working facility to involve the structure.”

With help with the design, work on the facility began last fall.  While the business on the whole has grown, Mack said the expansion will allow her and her team to do more for their customers.

With the new facility, her team, will be able to work cattle of all sizes.  There is additional horse facilities, including horse stocks, and an added ultrasound.  There will also be space for small ruminents in a warm area.  The facility will also have meeting rooms.

The Animal Hospital is located at 710 S. Washington.  They can be reached at 785-434-7222.