September 30


SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met in special session for the purpose of approving the monthly payroll.  Those present were the Commissioners:  John Ruder, Corky Hagan, and Greg Balthazor.  Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk, was present to write the minutes.  Virgi Laska, with the Stockton Sentinel, was also present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  The agenda was approved. 

Lori Eichman, Rooks County Health Department Administrator, was present to ask about whether the County will pay for employee’s flu shots once again.  Ruder made a motion that Rooks County will pay for flu shots for the employee’s and their families.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

Eichman also mentioned that her bills from the lightning strike insurance claim on August 24th listed the insurance deductible of $1,000.00.  She thought the deductible amount should be split as the courthouse had some damages as well.  The Commissioners agreed to pay the full $1,000.00 deductible out of their fund.  The elevator at the Health Department is still not working because of the wiring situation.  The smoke alarm wiring needs fixed first, before the elevator will work.  Eichman has been calling the smoke alarms vendor, but has not gotten any response.  Eichman will check with the insurance agent about the rest of the billing as the insurance company has depreciated the computers instead of listing the replacement costs. 

The minutes of September 24th were reviewed.  Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes of September 24th with a minor correction.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed.  After the minutes were printed, Hagan made a motion to sign the corrected minutes.  Balthazor seconded this motion, and Ruder agreed.

Gary Knight, Rooks County Sheriff, talked about a few issues within his department.  Deputy Larsen had hit a deer coming home from Academy.  The vehicle had to be towed to the Sheriff’s Department; Knight will get the vehicle repaired. 

Knight has received a bid, finally, for the hydrant work needed at the jail building. 

The mini-split air conditioner located on the roof at the jail building is not working.  Normandin’s Air Conditioning and Heating is working on it. 

On Thursday, October 3rd, he will pick up three used patrol cars for Stockton City.  These vehicles will then be turned over to the County on January 1st

Knight requested an executive session to discuss non-elected personnel with the County Clerk present.  Ruder made a motion to go into executive session for ten minutes between 9:10 am and 9:20 am for the purpose of non-elected personnel.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed.  Those present for the executive session were the Commissioners:  John Ruder, Corky Hagan, and Greg Balthazor.  Gary Knight, Rooks County Sheriff; and Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk, were also present.  Upon returning to regular session, there was no further discussion. 

In weekly reports, Hagan reported on the NWK Planning and Development meeting he had attended.  Hagan mentioned that KDOC plans to sign over a performance grant contract to NWK P & D for $25,000.00.  Most of the discussions at the meeting were about finances:  where the monies are going, and why the monies are not coming in.  NWKS P & D’s annual Christmas Dinner/Meeting will be in November – either the 12th or the 13th

Hagan had received one call from an oil pumper about D Road west of the Logan Road.  The weeds are extremely tall and need mowed before the road can be bladed. 

Balthazor had attended the Fly-In at the Rooks County Airport.  Once again, the weather did not cooperate; therefore, there were fewer planes than expected. 

Balthazor said the Economic Development Board would like to know whether the County is planning to continue with the Neighborhood Revitalization Program as the renewal is coming up.  The Rooks County Appraiser is planning on bringing figures from the past five years for the Commissioners to review.  They will be able to make a decision at that time. 

Ruder had attended the Red Bud Village Board meeting.  Their financial advisor, Gilbert Benton, was in attendance and presented the financial reports.  The nursing home and assisted living complex are doing well.  At this time, there are thirty-one (31) residents in the nursing home and eleven (11) assisted living apartments are occupied.  The administrator’s appointment was due, and the board decided to re-appoint Megan Zahn as administrator.  Wages were discussed and have been compared to the surrounding counties.  Out of the six surrounding counties, Red Bud Village was ranked fifth in wages.  These wages will be looked into. 

Ruder also reported on the golf tournament held the past weekend that benefited the Rooks County Golf Course.  Seventeen (17) teams participated, raising a little over $2,000.00.  The greens at the golf course are presently being sanded. 

Ruder had received one call about a road concern.  He had forwarded it on to the Road & Bridge Supervisor. 

Hagan made a motion to review, approve and sign the weekly vouchers and end-of-the-month payroll.  Ruder seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

                September 30, 2019 (WEEKLY)

                                                                VOUCHERS         EMPLE BEN         GROSS PAY         TOTAL

County General                                 102,924.88           37,914.66             133,668.10           274,507.64

Road & Bridge                                   6,911.57                                              69,164.16             76,075.73

Noxious Weed                                   15,848.97                                             7,172.87               23,021.84

Attorney Equipment Reserve               536.00                                                                                 536.00

Health Department                               1,440.30               4,790.78               27,355.64             33,586.72

Sanitation                                            2,300.00                                              8,162.60              10,462.60

Rooks County Golf Course                                                                            2,218.20               2,218.20

Economic Develop Expand TR           4,307.16                771.55                   4,351.72               9,430.43

Insurance Claims Reimburse          1,536.15                                                                               1,536.15

                GRAND TOTAL                   135,805.03           43,476.99             252,093.29           431,375.31


September 30. 2019 (END-OF-THE-MONTH)

                                                VOUCHERS         EMPLE BEN         GROSS PAY         TOTAL

County General                                181,687.71           37,914.66             133,668.10           353,270.47

Road & Bridge                                   52,085.49                                          69,164.16             121,249.65

Noxious Weed                                  16,800.48                                             7,172.87               23,973.35

Attorney Equipment Reserve           536.00                                                                                   536.00

Sheriff Equipment Reserve             9,206.11                                                                               9,206.11

Health Department                         28,343.97                4,790.78               27,355.64             60,490.39

Rooks County Nursing Facility           3.13                                                                                        3.13

Sanitation                                       6,227.42                                               8,162.60               147,390.02

Rooks County Golf Course            968.41                                                     2,218.20               3,186.61

Economic Develop Expand TR     4,468.95               771.55                         4,351.72               9,592.22

Insurance Claims Reimburse         3,741.99                                                                               3,741.99

Sales Tax                                     259,275.00                                                                           259,275.00

                GRAND TOTAL                   563,344.66           43,476.99             252,093.29           858,914.94

The Commissioners put a call into the Fire Alarm Specialists out of Wakeeney, KS to request a technician to fix the smoke alarm at the Health Department.  A Fire Alarm Specialist should be calling soon.

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

Adopted this 8th day of October, 2019



John Ruder, Chairman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               __________________________________                     

Greg Balthazor, Member


Corky Hagan, Member



Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk