March 30


March 30, 2018

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met in special session for the purpose of reviewing and approving the weekly vouchers and end-of-month payroll.  Those present were Chairman, John Ruder; and members, Corky Hagan and Larry Poore.  Ruthie Muir, Rooks County Clerk, was present to write the minutes. 

Ruder asked Hagan and Poore to give a report on the work session they had attended to discuss the golf course.  Those involved will continue to gather information on yearly costs and maintenance, and any further expenses that may be needed.  (Some of the buildings are in dis-repair, and some ground maintenance on the course would be needed.)  The present owners are asking $200,000.00 for the golf course at this time.  The session was attended by personnel from both Plainville and Stockton cities, bank personnel, the Economic Development Director and others that have been helping maintain the grounds.  Hagan said one of the main discussion was the taxpayers should have a say in any decisions made about purchasing the golf course.

Hagan made a motion to review, approve and sign the weekly vouchers and end-of-the-month payroll.  Poore seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed. 

March 30, 2018 WEEKLY VOUCHERS

FUND                                         VOUCHER           EMPLEBEN          GROSS PAY         TOTAL

County General                           96,351.74             33,315.58             117,113.49           246,780.81

Road & Bridge                                                                                    68,429.39             68,429.39

Noxious Weed                                                                                    3,222.45               3,222.45

CDC Equipment Reserve              216.00                                                                            216.00

Health Department                      304.59                   4,030.46               23,805.31             28,140.36

Sanitation                                                                                           7,866.37               7,866.37

Economic Develop Expand TR     4,937.90               731.14                   4,224.97               9,894.01

Insurance Claims Reimb            120,276.70                                                                  120,276.70

GRAND TOTAL                         222,086.93           38,077.18             224,661.98           484,826.09


                March 30, 2018 END-OF-MONTH VOUCHERS & PAYROLL

FUND                                           VOUCHER        EMPLEBEN          GROSS PAY         TOTAL

County General                          166,203.45           33,315.58             117,113.49           316,632.52

Road & Bridge                               88,373.00                                    68,429.39             156,802.39

Noxious Weed                              1,134.77                                         3,222.45               4,357.22

Road & Bridge Special Hwy          25,920.00                                                                   25,920.00

Attorney Equipment Reserve             307.49                                                                       307.49

CDC Equipment Reserve                2,656.00                                                                    2.656.00

Clerk Equipment Reserve               4,120.50                                                                    4,120.50

Sheriff Equipment Reserve              4,255.30                                                                    4,255.30

Treasurer Equipment Reserve         8,530.00                                                                     8,530.00

Health Department                        12,171.50           4,030.46               23,805.31             40,007.27

Commissioner’s Equip Reserve      10,460.34                                                                 10,460.34

Sanitation                                      2,615.39                                      7,866.37               10,481.76

Economic Develop Expand TR         5,743.08          731.14                   4,224.97              10,699.19

Alcohol Program                             172.71                                                                        172.71

Insurance Claims Reimb              120,276.70                                                               120,276.70

GRAND TOTAL                           452,940.23        38,077.18              224,661.98          715,679.39                                                                                                                     

Kim Northup, Rooks County Treasurer, presented small fund vouchers for signature.

Ruder made a motion to allow Darrell Small to mow the vacant lots in Stockton City owned by the County.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Poore agreed.

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Poore agreed.

Adopted this 2nd day of April, 2018



John Ruder, Chairman                                                                


Larry Poore, Member                                                                   


Corky Hagan, Member


  ATTEST:  Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk