June 18


June 18, 2018

The Rooks County Board of Commissioners met in regular session. Those present were Chairman, John Ruder; and Commission Members Corky Hagan, and Larry Poore. Laura Montgomery, Deputy Clerk took the minutes as Ruthmary Muir was absent. Virgie Laska as present to take the minutes for Stockton Sentinel and Candance Rachel was present to take the minutes for Plainville Times. The agenda was approved as presented.

Lori Eichman presented an agreement for WIC with Osborne County. Ruder made a motion to approve and sign. Hagan second the motion and Poore agreed.

A group in northwest county purchased and paid for a satellite phone for the county. The yearly fee is $1,500.  The group is no longer going to pay the yearly fee. Lori said the health dept isn’t using the phone and wanted to know what the Commissioners would like to do.  It was decided by the board not to pay the yearly fee and to no longer have the satellite phone since it wasn’t being used.

The health dept received a DG Hansen grant in the amount of $15,000 for the purchase of a new phone and computer system so they can comply with the new state regulations.  It was approved by the Commissioners to sell or give away the 8 or 9 old phones.

Ruder made a motion to approve the June 11th minutes as presented. Hagan second the motion and Poore agreed.

Hagan reported he received lots of calls about the golf course with most being against the county purchasing it.  Several people wanted to know when the golf course was going to be on the agenda for the commissioners to vote. 

Hagan also received a call about S Road by Neil Brown that is needing to be bladed. The tubes at Webster’s Lake look good but there are trees in front of the tubes. Water is still coming into the lake. The flood gates are closed but the irrigation gates are open.

Poore reported he attended the NWKS Juvenile meeting. The budget process is underway. They are doing more consulting contracts for High Plains Mental Health.  Tanya is now set up in the courthouse. She sets up foster homes and is the intake officer for 18 counties.  There were 179 intakes from December 1st of last year to May 1st of this year with 3 to 4 of them being from Rooks County. Community Corrections budget has been approved.  The case loads are up with higher risk individuals. 

Ruder reported he received the landfill rent check from Leon Ross in the amount of $650.  Ruder made a motion to endorse the check. Hagan second the motion and Poore agreed.

There is a Red Bud Village meeting on Thursday.

Ruder would like to discuss the golf course today. He received letters of support from USD 270 and Rooks County Hospital.  Discussed at the meeting was how much in new taxes it was going to cost. The $130,000 agreed price, Roger Hrabe, Economic Director, already has in the trust fund and Ruder thinks the golf course has potential for income.  Golfers are paying an annual fee for maintenance and shed rent.  This will be coming in within about 45 days of purchase.  This will provide money for the maintenance of the course. There shouldn’t be any tax burden to the county.  Hagan wants more information and has several questions to be answered before moving forward.  Poore wants to wait until they know if there is a clear title to the property before moving forward.

Also discussed was compensating the volunteers working on keeping the grounds until the county has made a decision on if they are going to purchase the golf course.

Rich Bouchey and Sadie Look presented the Commissioners with different rain gauges.  The sanitation department purchases 1000 recycled bags every year to give out at the fair.  This year they want to give away rain gauges instead.  The Commissioners that this was a great idea.

Bouchey presented the road and sanitation reports and a check in the amount of $8,304.20 for sanitation fees. The road and sanitation reports were approved by all.  Ruder made a motion to endorse the check. Hagan second the motion and Poore agreed.

Bouchey said they crack-sealed 11 miles south of Palco including the red line road.  Rich also wants to crack-seal the road south of Woodston.  The water is down some in the creek and the new bridges look good.  Rich anticipates that next week the JC loader will be ready to pick up in Salina. Hagan mentioned the trees in the water by the tubes at Webster’s Lake.  Jim is there today to take them out. 

Ryan has the concrete broken down and want to be finished with the project by October 1st.  As soon as he gets here and starts crushing then Bouchey wants to start hauling. They are currently hauling rock to E Road between 11 Road and 12 Road.

Bouchey mentioned the information he brought up last week for Call for Projects.  We need to put in a request. 

The Federal fund exchange program is going away.  The Commissioners signed the paperwork last week so Sadie Look can get it returned.

The Damar bridge and black top are in good shape. In August the state is going to fix Hwy 24 and replace the bridge that was washed out by Nicodemus and the traffic will be diverted thru this area.

Corky made a motion to sign the June 11th minutes. Larry second the motion and John agreed.

The Commissioners went through their mail. An invitation was received from the Travel Council, and a thank you note was received from Heritage Insurance Group for being a loyal customer.

Also received from the Clerk of District Court a check for $5,170.16 for the delinquent tax sale. Ruder made a motion to endorse the check, Hagan second the motion and Poore agreed.

The custodian, Roque Garcia, made a request for the Commissioners to have World Pest Control bait the pigeons.  Other options were discussed with no decision being made.

Discussed was the letter sent to Plainville and Stockton Cities by the Sheriff. John explained that the Sheriff is requesting the two cities to pay for part of the cost of dispatching.  Plainville City Police Department answers the phone if someone is in the office but all of Stockton City calls are transferred to dispatch. An added benefit to the cities would be that all of the calls are recorded by the sheriff’s office.

Ruder discussed making a motion to move forward on the purchase of the golf course with the understanding that there is a clear title and there would be no further tax burden to the county.  Hagan disagreed. Poore also disagreed and suggested making a motion to pledge support.

Ruder made a motion to pledge support for saving the Rooks County Golf Course.  Poore second the motion and Hagan agreed.

Ruder made a motion for executive session from 10:30 until 10:40 to discuss non-elected personnel. Poore second the motion and Hagan agreed. Executive session consisted of John Ruder, Larry Poore and Corky Hagan. Upon returning to open session there was no further discussion.

The sheriff purchased a used 2015 vehicle from State of Kansas was a unit of Capital Police for $16,000.

Ruder made a motion to review, approve and sign the following weekly vouchers. Hagan second the motion and Poore agreed.

County General: warrants #67851 – #67870, $10,623.41 Road & Bridge: warrants #67871 – #67872, $13,209.80

Sheriff Equip Reserve: warrant #67873, $16,000.00 Health Department: warrants #67874 – #67883, $9,429.73

Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Poore seconded and Hagan agreed.

Adopted this 25th day of June, 2018



John Ruder, Chairman                                                                    


Larry Poore, Member        


Corky Hagan, Member


  Attest:  Laura Montgomery, Deputy County Clerk