July 2


July 2, 2019

The Board of Rooks County Commissioners met in regular session.  Those present were the Commissioners:  John Ruder and Greg Balthazor.  Corky Hagan was absent.  Ruthie Muir, Rooks County Clerk was present to write the minutes.  Virgi Laska, with the Stockton Sentinel, was also present.  The agenda was approved.  The minutes from the previous meeting of June 25th and two special meetings on June 26th and June 28th were reviewed.  Ruder made a motion to accept all three sets of minutes as presented.  Balthazor seconded the motion.  After the minutes were printed, Ruder made a motion sign the minutes of June 25th, June 26th, and June 28th.  Balthazor seconded this motion. 

Gary Knight, Rooks County Sheriff, was present to let the board know that he will be adding a line item to his 2020 budget, and he is finalizing the budget for their review.  Knight let the Commissioners know that Stockton City has looked and spoken for two cars from the Kansas Highway Patrol. 

Heather Poore, Rooks County Appraiser, reported she has received a $1,500.00 grant form U40 (Under 40 Program.  The grant will pay for her trip to Niagara NY to accept her awards at the convention.  Poore has been selected to present at the conference.

Poore said that while she was in the country doing data collecting, she got the County pickup stuck.  Personnel from the Road & Bridge Department was able to help pull them out.  Her department is finished with the rural data collecting.  The girls are in Plainville City this week for data collecting.

Balthazor said that there were no bids received for snow removal equipment for the airport.  The airport commission decided to go ahead with the building now and put off the equipment for another year.  The County’s share on this grant will be approximately $30,000.00.

Hagan called from Alaska to check in with the Commissioners.  He requested changing the road number from Road 7 to Road 8 on the minutes from the previous week. 

Ruder had attended the Red Bud Board meeting, reporting 33 residents at the nursing home and 9 rooms being rented at the assisted living.  The other rooms not rented at this time will be maintained and cleaned up.  The Red Bud board members decided to stay with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Freedom Claims health insurance.  They have hired a Director of Nursing in-house.  The nursing facility does not have any maintenance issues at this time. 

Ruder had talked to a local salesman about the mower the nursing facility is needing.  The salesman recommended staying with the Grasshopper model because of keeping the snow-blower and sweeper attachments from the older Grasshopper. 

The Commissioners received an invitation to the Rooks County Business Appreciation Dinner & Recognition on Wednesday, July 17th starting at 6:00 pm at the RCH Education Center. 

The Commissioners received information about the upcoming annual KAC Conference slated for November 12, 13, & 14, 2019.  A certification of voting Delegate for the conference will be filled out and returned. 

A thank you was received from The Rooks County Spring Show Committee and Participants for the County’s sponsorship of the Spring Show held over Memorial Day Weekend. 

The Commissioners received an invitation from the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.  The event will be the fourth of ten regional State Leadership Day events with local elected officials from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.  The meetings are designed for county commissioners and supervisors and municipal officials and will include briefings and discussion with Senior Administrational Officials on shared federal-state-local priorities pertinent to our respective state.  The event will be held on July 25th

The Commissioners received an invitation to the Northwest Kansas County Commissioners & Highway Officials Association Fall Meeting to be held on September 11, 2019 at the Ellis County Fairgrounds in Hays, KS.

Rich Bouchey, Road & Bridge Supervisor, reported the 12H cat motor grader is back in the County from repair work being done.  The mower is getting worked on.  The recycle trailers have been picked up and moved away from their sites as the County will not be collecting paper and cardboard any longer.  The 1999 12H motor grader is in the shop for a new gear box. 

Several road concerns were discussed. 

There was some discussion about the rock and different ways to make more coarse rock. 

A check was received from Richland Fire District for their insurance bond in the amount of $46.01.  Ruder made a motion to sign the check for deposit.  Balthazor seconded the motion. 

Ruder made a motion to review, approve and sign the weekly vouchers as follows.  Balthazor seconded the motion. 

While signing vouchers, the Commissioners had some discussion about budgets, mowers, and the courthouse stone maintenance.

                July 2, 2019

County General                                 70720-70727                       $2,908.01

                GRAND TOTAL                                                                   $2,908.01

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Balthazor seconded the motion. 

Adopted this 9th day of July, 2019



John Ruder, Chairman                                                                                               


Greg Balthazor, Member


Corky Hagan, Member



Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk