January 7


January 7, 2019

The Rooks County Commissioners met in regular session.  Those present were the Commissioners:  John Ruder, Larry Poore, and Corky Hagan.  Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk, was present to write the minutes.  Virgi Laska, with the Stockton Sentinel, and Greg Balthazor, Commissioner Elect, were also present.  The agenda was approved as presented. 

The Commissioners reviewed the minutes from December 31st.  Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes with minor adjustments.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Poore agreed.  After the minutes were printed, Hagan made a motion to sign the minutes.  Poore seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed.

In weekly reports, the Commissioners discussed the muddy roads and the hope of drying weather to help with maintenance.  Hagan had spent several hours helping an individual who had gotten stuck.  Hagan also reported someone had drove through road block signs.  This will be reported to the Road & Bridge Supervisor. 

Poore had joined the conference call with Work Force One.  He reported the Department of Commerce is objecting about the payroll software the districts are using.  WF1 has extended the software contract for one year to figure out all the kinks. 

Ruder mentioned he had visited the Rooks County Nursing Home several times, and he was happy to report there have been no roof leaks.

A letter was received from Solomon Valley ARC requesting a donation to help their organization with expenses from their upcoming Regional Tournament.  Ruder made a motion to approve a $700.00 donation to Solomon Valley ARC to be paid out of the Federal Land Payment fund.  Poore seconded the motion, and Hagan agreed. 

Ruder made a motion to sign an exemption form for Keller Motors, a division of The Keller Company, Inc. for diesel and fuel purchases.  Poore seconded the motion, and Hagan agreed. 

The Commissioners reviewed the Treasurer’s Quarterly Statement dated December 31, 2018.  Poore made a motion to accept the 4th quarter statement.  Ruder seconded the motion, and Hagan agreed. 

Rich Bouchey, Road & Bridge Supervisor, presented a Landfill check in the amount of $7,128.40 for deposit.  Ruder made a motion to sign the Landfill check for deposit.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Poore agreed. 

After reviewing the Landfill and Road & Bridge Department fee reports, Hagan made a motion to accept the December fee reports from both the Landfill and the Road & Bridge Departments.  Poore seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed. 

Roads discussed for an immediate check:  the road turning into the town of Webster; P/8 Road needs a barrier, and the road-block sign on R/6 Road is no longer there, as someone had drove through. 

Repairs discussed:  the Kenworth is back from I-70 with new injectors and a new wiring harness.  The Western Star truck is still in the process of getting repaired.  The JCB Loader needs major repairs, and it seems it may need a re-manufacture engine.  It is at Berry Tractor in Wichita. 

Bouchey reported he will be out of town towards the end of the week for a survey seminar.  Bouchey had interviewed Dick Butler, and Mr. Butler is on the job as of today, Monday, January 7, 2019.  Some of the graders have been serviced and moved to different operators. 

Bouchey reported that his policy amendment (in regards to the operator’s determination about windy conditions) that he had sent to the State, has been approved and will be added to the policy book at the Landfill.

Ruder asked about reimbursement monies from KDHE from helping with the Woodston City clean-up.  KDHE has a contract with the City of Woodston for 75% of the cost of expenses, and the City of Woodston will receive the reimbursements.  At that point, Rooks County will be reimbursed by the City of Woodston.

The Commissioners discussed the road conditions once again; talking about rock depth and rock quality.

Ruder made a motion to review, approve, and sign the weekly vouchers as follows.  Poore seconded the motion, and Hagan agreed. 

                January 7, 2019

County General                                69421-69422                       $1,178.26

                GRAND TOTAL                                                                   $1,178.26


As this was Mr. Poores’ last meeting as a Commissioner, Ruder and Hagan both expressed how they had enjoyed working with him and wished him well in the future.  

With no further business to discuss, Ruder made a motion to adjourn.  Poore seconded the motion, and Hagan agreed.  

Adopted this 14th day of January, 2019




John Ruder Chairman                                                                     ATTEST:


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Larry Poore, Member                                                                     Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk



Corky Hagan, Member