January 14


JANUARY 14, 2019

The Rooks County Commissioners met in regular session.  Those present were: Commissioners John Ruder, Corky Hagan and Greg Balthazor, the newly elected commissioner.  Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk, was present, and Virgi Laska, with the Stockton Sentinel, was also present.  The first order of business was the swearing-in of County Commissioner, Gregory Balthazor.  Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk, swore Greg Balthazor in as Rooks County Commissioner, with several County employees observing. 

Gary Knight, Rooks County Sheriff, was present to let the Commissioners know he is advertising for a Sheriff’s Deputy as he had a deputy resign the previous week. 

Knight presented his report of forfeiture funds for 2018 pursuant to K.S.A 60-4117 subsection (g)(2). This report was reviewed and filed. 

Heather Poore, Rooks County Appraiser, reported she had passed the RES (Residential Evaluation Specialist) exam.   She will be taking an administration exam this week.  At that point, Poore will be double-designated. 

Poore presented an agriculture value report showing what ag values should do for the 2019 year. 

Mike Klein, Rooks County’s Noxious Weed Director, presented an agreement with the Kansas Department of Transportation, Bureau of Maintenance to treat noxious weeds infested on State highway rights-of-ways in Rooks County.  The schedule of cost remains the same as previous years: $34.00 an hour for the operator and $38.00 per hour for equipment used.  Ruder made a motion to sign the agreement with the State.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

Klein thanked the Commissioners for both the Christmas gift certificates and the cost of living raise.

The Commissioners reviewed the minutes of January 7th.  Ruder made a motion to approve the minutes of January 7th with minor changes made.  Hagan seconded this motion, and Balthazor agreed.  After the minutes were corrected, Hagan made a motion to sign the corrected minutes of January 7th.  Ruder seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

In weekly reports, Hagan reported several inches of snow.  The Road & Bridge Department had put road blocks on P Road, and the barricades were replaced on R Road after they had been destroyed.  All blades, except for one, had worked Saturday morning after the heavy snow & some worked Sunday.  The Reclamation Bureau is still letting quite a bit of water out of Webster Lake, as there is still a lot coming in.

Balthazor said he had drove some roads before the snow.  He thought a lot of the roads would be needing maintained with crowns. 

Ruder stated that the Road & Bridge Supervisor had called him early Saturday morning about sending out the graders/blades, and all agreed they needed to. 

Ruder had received a phone call from the KDHE regional director concerning the clean-up work done in Woodston City.  The State will word the contract as to how Woodston City will pay Rooks County the correct share of the County’s expenses. 

The Commission reviewed appointments for 2019.  Ruder made a motion to appoint the following appointment for 2019.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

                2019 APPOINTMENTS

  • Rooks County Commissioner Chairman – John Ruder
  • 911 Fees – $.53 per line
  • ADA Representative – Greg Balthazor
  • Airport Commission – Bryant Muir & Leonard Bristow Renewed – 3 Year Term until Year 2022
  • Community Correction Representative – Greg Balthazor
  • Economic Development Representative – Greg Balthazor
  • Emergency Management Director – Tracy “Butch” Post
  • Local Emergency Planning – John Ruder
  • E-Waste Committee – Corky Hagan
  • County Health Officer – Dr. Jen Brull
  • E-Community Financial Review Board – April Brown, Kelly Hansen, Lisa Gilmore, Roger Hrabe & Steve Hanson
  • Mental Health Board Representatives – Scott Bennett & Gary Knight as an alternate
  • County Mileage Rate – $.51 per mile
  • Noxious Weed Director – Michael Klein
  • NW KS Juvenile Justice Representatives – Greg Balthazor & Danielle Muir
  • NWKS Planning & Development Board – Corky Hagan
  • NWKS Community Corrections Representative – Greg Balthazor
  • Senior Services Board – John Ruder
  • Sold Waste Committee Corky Hagan
  • Work Force One Board Member – Greg Balthazor
  • County Land Surveyors:
    • Jerol DeBoer, Plainville, LS #1264
    • James Meis, Hays, LS #1533
    • Darrell Christen, Hays, LS #1367
    • Harvey Ruder, Hays, LS #918
    • Rich Bouchey, Stockton, LS #1444
    • Christopher Byer, Plainville, LS #1574
  • County Bank Depositors:
    • Astra
    • Farmers National Bank
    • First State Bank
    • Solutions Bank
    • Municipal Investments Pool, Topeka

Ruder made a motion to assign both the Stockton Sentinel and the Plainville Times as ‘official’ newspapers, with the Stockton Sentinel being used primarily for 2019; and the County will have an option to bid out large publications between the two newspapers, such as the delinquent tax/tax sale publications.  Hagan seconded this motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

A letter was received from the State of Kansas, Department of Health and Environment concerning the NWKS Solid Waste Authority Region Dissolution for Solid Waste Management Planning.  The NWKS Planning Office is no longer coordinating with the NWKS regional counties in respect to solid waste planning.  Each County is responsible to submit their own solid waste plans to KDHE-BWM.  The first plan is due April 30th, and Rooks County will need to determine a solid waste contact person for the County, contact KDHE with this information, and assemble a solid waste committee. 

Ruder made a motion to sign the Agreement for Services between the Rooks County Commissioners and Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas, Inc.  This agreement will be for one year commencing January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019 with the Commissioners agreeing to levy .518 mill upon property in Rooks County for the purpose of providing revenue to pay for services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities from Rooks County.  Hagan seconded this motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

Balthazor made a motion to sign Resolution 2019-R1, GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).  This resolution states Rooks County will cause the financial statements and financial reports for the County to be prepared on the basis of cash receipts and disbursements as adjusted to show compliance with the cash basis and budget laws of the State.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Ruder agreed. 

Hagan opened up discussion about moving the Commissioner’s regular meeting to Tuesday instead of Monday.  This discussion was tabled until the next meeting. 

Hagan made a motion to review, approve and sign the weekly vouchers as follows.  Ruder seconded this motion, and Balthazor agreed. 

                January 14, 2019

County General                                                 69423-69477                       48,984.04

Road & Bridge                                                   69478-69484                       1,769.21

Noxious Weed                                                   69485-69486                       196.20

District Court Equipment Reserve                   69487                                    1,179.98

Sheriff Equipment Reserve                             69488                                    522.95

Health Department                                         69489-69499                         4,209.49

Sanitation                                                            69500-69503                       1,160.79

Rooks County Golf Course                                69504-69505                       156.83

Economic Develop Expandable TR                   69506-69507                       156.03

Sheriff Registration Fund                                    69508                                    525.00

                                GRAND TOTAL                                                                   58,860.52

Kim Northup, Rooks County Treasurer, brought in new signature papers for the Board to sign for the banks. 

Being new, Balthazor asked if the Commission would plan a trip to view roads throughout the County. He would like to be better informed on the roads and who maintains them. 

Ruder reminded the Board they will not have a regular Commissioner’s meeting on the 21st of January in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  The Board will meet on January 28th and January 31st

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn.  Hagan seconded the motion, and Balthazor agreed.

 Adopted this 28th day of January, 2019




John Ruder Chairman                                                                     ATTEST:


_______________________________________                ________________________________

Gregory Balthazor, Member                                                        Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County Clerk



Corky Hagan, Member