February 5


February 5, 2019

The Rooks County Commissioner met in regular session.  Those present were: Commissioners John Ruder, Corky Hagan and Greg Balthazor.  Laura Montgomery, Deputy Clerk took the minutes as Ruthmary Muir, County Clerk was absent.  Virgi Laska with the Stockton Sentinel and Candance Rachel with Plainville Times were present for the newspapers.

John Ruder called the meeting to order. The agenda was accepted as presented.  The commissioners reviewed the January 28th minutes and made minor corrections. There were no corrections to the January 31st minutes.  Ruder made a motion to accept the minutes, Hagan second the motion and Balthazor approved.

Corky Hagan reported that most of the roads in his area have been graded and he didn’t have any complaints.  He attended the NW KS P & D meeting in Hill City.  The concern was the pricing of low to mid income housing going up.  This is because of Bainer taking over the financing.  The cost of housing has increased up to $250 thousand.  Our dues for NW KS P & D are $8,000.  Ellis County is three times our cost.  The dues are based on population.  Also discussed was the paper work for the Landfill being filed directly to the State now instead of filing it with NW KS P &D who then forwarded it the State.

Greg Balthazor reported that most of the roads in his area has also been worked.  He attended the LEPC meeting in Plainville.  Most of the discussion was on active shooter training.  They also talked about checking the health of firefighters as they are putting out a large fire. 

John Ruder reported the Red Bud Village was short of funds because they have not received their funding from the state for Medicare/Medicaid.  There is $50,000 in the fund for Red Bud Village Assisted Living and $22,650 in the fund for Red Bud Nursing Home. 

Ruder talked to Roque Garcia, custodian, about Mid-Continent giving an estimate for courthouse repairs.  A note from Garcia said that Mid-Continent plans to come by and look at the building issues and make estimates by February 13th.  Clint with Mid -Continent will schedule an appointment with the commissioners to present his findings and to give an estimate.

Ruder made a comment on how nice the refurbished outside courthouse lamps look.

The commissioner opened their mail.  Ruder said he would pay for the wheat show at the fair.  There was a public notice from KDHE on waste water.  The clerk’s office will post this.

Corky Hagan made a motion to accept Township #4 Annual Report.  Balthazor second the motion and Ruder agreed.

John Ruder made a motion to accept and sign the Notice to Township Board #6 for Webster Bait & Tackle Shop their renewal of Cereal Malt Beverages.

A notice was received from Ford for a recall on 2014 Police Interceptor UTL. The notice will be forward to the County Sheriff.

Corky Hagan made a motion to sign the January 28th minutes as correct and the January 31st minutes.  John second the motion and Greg agreed.

John made a motion to give Red Bud Village $30,000 for operating expenses.  Hagan second the motion and Greg agreed.

Corky Hagan had talked with Gary Knight, Sheriff, about the insurance being so high.  Knight will visit with Mark Lowry from Heritage Insurance Group about the insurance on the new vehicle.  Ruder made mention that having a new full time cook at the jail is working out well.

Rich Bouchey was in with his weekly report.  Currently they are working on Q Road.  He is trying something new by the Bed and Breakfast, just north of the curve.  They have dumped 3 truck loads in an area of about 60 to 70 yards and Gail is working it onto the road.  Jim Rogers is working on 30 Road.  Bouchey is planning on having a couple of men finish taking out the trees by Rogers and Hilgers and then go north and work on trimming and cleaning up the trees on E Road by Waters.

Bouchey said that the loader in Wichita should be done by Friday.  There is a vehicle at I-70 in Hays with DEF issues.

The concrete crushing is not going to get done.  He is ready to pull out and will probably be gone in the next week.  There is a pile of 200 ton ready and Bouchey says that it will be enough.

The truck with the new board is running well.  Bouchey had a call in on the one of the dozers.  The heater was running very hot only.  It was decided there is a problem with the wiring.  The shop mechanics are trying to trace the wiring to find the problem.

There is a Solid Waste meeting in Osborne on February 21st that Bouchey and Balthazor will be attending.  Rich Bouchey and Sadie Look will both be gone out of the office the week of the 11th.

Lori Eichman, County Nurse, presented the commissioners with her department figures for 2018.  Corky Hagan asked about grant applications.  Eichman said all grant applications are due by March 15th.  Eichman asked the commissioners for permission to close her office February 14th so they can do general cleaning and organizing.  This was approved by the commissioners.

Eichman made a request for the Road department to grade K Terrace west from Hahn’s then 16 Terrance.  The little cars her dept has can’t get down the road because of the ruts.  Hagan said he would contact Rich Bouchey to have the roads graded.

The commissioners ask Eichman about the new TV.  Eichman sad the TV was purchased with funds from WIC and that it was working out great.  The clients can come in and by using Wi-Fi can interact with the TV to get the information they need.  

Heather Poore, Appraiser, informed the commissioners the value for oil didn’t change for 2019.  She told the commissioners she will need to hire an attorney to represent the county.  Poore talked to Danielle Muir, County Attorney, and she charges $175 per hour.  Mike Montoya with Montoya Law Office, who has represented the county in the past, charges $200 per hour.  This will be regarding Ritchie Exploration filing late.  The late fees for Rooks County are $10,403.00.  Ritchie Exploration has 13 leases in Rooks County.  Last year counties went to court against Ritchie individually and lost.  This year the Counties want to go together and file as one suit.  The appraisers think this will give them a better chance of winning.  The commissioners ask if the $200 will be split between the counties.  Poore said the fee is per county.

Heather Poore said Midland Marketing is also protesting the value on their license compacity.  She currently has the value at 71 cents per bushel at Plainville and 50 cents at Palco.  They are asking for 24 cents per bushel.  This will reduce taxes $40,000.  Midland Marketing is also protesting the value in Ellis County and Lane County.

The commissioners agreed to hire Mike Montoya to represent Rooks County for both Ritchie Exploration and Midland Marketing.

Heather Poore passed the Assessment Administrator Specialist Exam and got her RES.  She is going to the conference in Niagara Falls, Canada in September.  Poore asked the commissioner to pay for her conference fee of $645.00.  She has applied and received scholarships for $500 and $400 and she has applied for additional funds.  The commissioners told Poore they will think about the funding and let her know later.

Corky Hagan made a motion to sign and approve the weekly vouchers.  Balthazor second the motion and Ruder agreed.

County General                                war #69639 – 69654        $27,246.93

Central KS Library                             war #69655                         $96,563.67

CKLS – Employee Benefit               war #69656                         $ 0.08


The commissioners didn’t approve warrant#69644 to Heritage Insurance Group for $1,639.00.  The County Clerk’s office will contact the insurance company and ask about the cost of insurance on the 2007 Chevy Uplander. The commissioners agreed it might be better to have just liability on the vehicle.

John Ruder said the Rooks County Health Clinic has received the medical drop box but it hasn’t yet been installed. The hospital is asking the commissioners for $800 to help fund the cost of the box.  The cost for 3 years is $1,100.  The clerk will ask Mapes & Miller if this can be paid out to the alcohol fund.

With no further business to transact, Ruder made a motion to adjourn meeting.  Balthazor second the motion and Hagan agreed.


Adopted this 12th day of February 2019



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____________________________________                       LAURA MONTGOMERY, DEPUTY CLERK