Veterinary Client Care Coordinator

Client Care Coordinator
Full-time job
PLEASE Follow the application instructions at the end of the ad. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

We are seeking a new team member for our busy, mixed-animal practice! We seek to provide modern, progressive medicine while maintaining that small-town touch with both our large and small animal customers.
The Client Care Coordinator is the face of the practice and a team leader in client and patient care. A client’s first and last contact is with the Client Care Coordinator and they need to feel welcomed and tended to in the hospital. The ideal team member for this position truly enjoys working with people (and animals), is an excellent communicator and enjoys the hustle bustle of the ringing phone and swinging door. You should have an interest in the well-being of animals and veterinary medicine’s roll both in companion animals and production livestock. Being a positive, upbeat team player is required. A desire to learn and educate, organization and multi-tasking are important traits for this position.
Day to day work includes being the heart of hospital communication including assisting clients, answering phones, relaying information to team members and clients, assisting with questions, maintaining front of desk work, taking pride in the lobby appearance and more.

Application requirements must be completed to be considered for the position!

Application Requirements:
• Resume
• Cover letter
• Three professional (non-family) references (include connection to you)

710 S Washington St
Plainville, KS 67663-2919